Top 10 Best Benefits of Flying Private

Our article today brings you the top 10 best benefits of flying private. With an increasingly expanding market, private aircraft’s advantages are becoming more evident.

Although many may feel that chartering private aircraft is a luxury beyond what they can afford, the perks outweigh the cost. Aside from brilliant time management and the ability to set your schedule, there are several other reasons to opt for such services.

We have the answers if you still have second thoughts regarding the benefits of a private jet charter instead of a commercial airliner. Check our top ten benefits of flying private, and perhaps the way you fly will change in the future.


When we think of private jet travel, the first word that comes to mind is luxury. While travel by private jet is undoubtedly a welcome privilege and fairly luxurious, the leading advantages are convenience and flexibility.

Besides the comfortable seats that can turn into beds, fine wood finishing and individual interiors, executive planes are not only acquired for luxurious trips around the world – at least, not in most cases.

Aircraft of this category are frequently used as efficient work tools. They are owned or chartered, offering greater efficiency in all journey stages. We believe that the benefits of business aviation can be based on four central pillars: efficiency, flexibility, privacy and, naturally, comfort.

Apart from all the luxury at your disposal, let us take you through several other perks and conveniences that our private jet charter flights can offer you.


Need to take care of business in the morning, have lunch in the trendiest restaurant miles away and end the day relaxing by a paradise beach? With a private jet at your service, you indeed can.

One of the best benefits of flying private is the flexibility to plan your trip. Although there are still some parameters to follow, a good charter company will take care of everything for you. The objective is to customize a private flight to your convenience.

Plus, if there are any last-minute plan changes, let the company know. Their team will make all necessary arrangements to accommodate your request.

One further clear advantage of private flying is that commercial planes are limited to where they can fly. Both aircraft size and the popularity of destinations reduce your options. Private jets can land at smaller airports, offering you a more comprehensive range of destinations than your typical commercial flight.

The advantage is enjoying the most remote and paradisiacal locations or meeting your business partners in a short schedule.


We all know the importance of the “Time is Money” expression. These principles are what private aviation does for you – improving on the luxury of time.

Every minute of your day counts, whether you are on holiday or on business. So, as we previously mentioned, another of the best benefits of flying private is the ability to set a flight schedule compatible with your availability.

When hiring a private service, you have complete control over the best time to leave and the most convenient airport. Arrive at the airport just 15 minutes before your flight, and go straight into a private terminal. As a result, you avoid long check-in and security queues.

Private jets also have access to over 5,000 airports worldwide, meaning you won’t waste time on transfers and connections. Fly to airports closest to your destination, maximising available time while simultaneously minimising any chances of disruption.

Designing your flight schedule is particularly useful if you travel with young children. That way, you can manage the journey around naps and bedtimes, avoiding unnecessary stress.

Even better, you will no longer have to endure frustrating delays or wait for the late arrival of other passengers. Apart from possible weather conditions or airport restrictions, few circumstances tend to cause delays on private flights.


Aviation remains one of the safest means of transportation worldwide. Whether privately or on a commercial flight, these are extremely regulated and highly reliable sectors. However, the private sector brings further safety advantages.

While you might think that jets are more susceptible to bad weather due to their smaller dimensions. However, this is not always the case. Private jets usually operate 41,000 feet above the surface, a few thousand above their commercial equivalents. As a result, private jets can fly above bad weather and most turbulence, keeping flights smoother and, thus, more enjoyable.

Furthermore, all private aircraft follow FAA performance and safety standards. Many operators aim to exceed such measures and excel at maintenance and procedures. The result is a service that goes far beyond expectations. There is always a feeling that you can enjoy your journey with an incomparable sense of safety.

All the private jets we charter on your behalf are registered and maintained to the highest standards required by world aviation regulators. Crews possess all relevant licences and qualifications to operate worldwide. Simultaneously, all aircraft operators hold an Operator’s Licence and a valid Air Operator Certificate (AOC). The competent authorities regularly check and update these documents to a high standard.

The unparalleled level of hygiene on board private jets is also an advantage worth mentioning. As well as far more rigorous care, flying private allows you to avoid crowds and reduce all human contact to a bare minimum. Particularly relevant during the worst months of the pandemic, it became a valuable advantage.

Last but not least, all these safety measures work wonders in calming passengers who may experience some fear of flying. If you get particularly nervous when you enter an aircraft, contracting a private jet will help reduce your flying anxiety.


One of the best benefits of flying private is its unmatched comfort. Everything is designed with your well-being at heart. Such convenience is present from arriving at the airport until you disembark at your destination.

Apart from the wide variety of private aircraft available, each with its unique interior, we ensure that you always arrive at your destination in comfort, with luxury and style.

Most often, you will have access to a private terminal and an exclusive lounge where you may relax before boarding. These areas allow you to prepare for your flight quietly and privately. These services even include a personal escort to the runway at boarding time.

Aside from the long queues and hassle of an airport, you avoid being surrounded by people, sharing cramped seats and annoying noises. On a private jet, you can choose the most comfortable seat. All there’s left to do is enjoy the peacefulness of your place next to the clouds.

From spacious cabins with luxurious and comfortable seating to private booths, including beds available, you are guaranteed to arrive at your destination reinvigorated.

Luxury and comfort in business aviation are not about impressing others. As a work tool, the private jet allows an executive to rest during their busy routine or continue working undisturbed. Such scenarios are only possible due to the unique resources offered by executive aviation.


Corporate aviation is your best option if you treasure your privacy in practically everything you do. Whether anxious for a break from your celebrity life or hoping to enjoy a relaxed flight at your own pace, it’s possible to travel discreetly.

Most airports have dedicated private aviation terminals with luxurious lounges where you can avoid the chaos of the main terminal. Boarding and disembarking are handled separately, with exclusive baggage processing and customs sectors. At best, you may be escorted to the aircraft entrance and have someone waiting for you on arrival.

Considered one of the best benefits of flying private, the convenience of preserving your privacy also extends on board the actual jet. Unless you share a flight, you’ll only find those travelling with you onboard. In such a case, most passengers tend to seek precisely the same serenity as you.

On the other hand, if you are flying for work, it’s the perfect opportunity to conduct business confidently and without unnecessary distractions or interruptions.


We all know how stressful it can be to catch a flight at your local airport. A series of steps can potentially send anyone into a nervous breakdown from the moment you buy your ticket until you arrive at your destination.

From the check-in process to baggage claim, waiting in long security queues, standing by to board and making it to your seat on the plane. There’s nothing quick or convenient about getting through an airport.

All this anxiety disappears when you take that first step and contact us asking for a quote to fly privately. The entire process takes place so that it meets your highest expectations, stress-free.

Once you set out to fly, you can benefit from far more freedom at your destination. This includes exclusive remote aircraft terminals, for instance. Overall, flying private is a much faster, easier and more comfortable experience from departure to arrival.

To the vast majority, this remains one of the best benefits of flying private, not only for business but especially for leisure. Particularly when travelling with children, the entire process becomes much more pleasant, without queues and avoiding too many tantrums.


Even better than travelling on a private jet is being able to choose those whom you fly with. Whatever the motive for your journey, bringing your chosen companion is much more enjoyable than spending long hours in a confined space surrounded by strangers.

If you are on a business trip, you can bring partners and colleagues on board and turn your flight into an exclusive work meeting. You’ll find that most chartered private planes have internet access available, allowing you to work without interruptions while in the air. Additionally, you often find onboard desks and all the necessary tools to conduct your business productively and efficiently.

On the other hand, when flying for pleasure, there is nothing better than bringing your family and friends along and starting the fun earlier. Sit back comfortably and enjoy a glass of champagne on the way while arriving at your holiday destination in style.

Choosing whom you fly with is particularly useful when travelling with children. Aside from avoiding stress about disturbing other passengers, these young passengers also tend to be much more relaxed about the flying experience. After all, they are surrounded only by the people they usually know. The result will likely be an excellent flight experience for all those on board.


One of the most significant drawbacks of flying commercial is the restrictions on weight, size and amount of luggage. Even when complying with the airlines’ requirements, concerns about your luggage’s treatment are always raised.

Although some smaller planes have a size and weight limit, in private aviation, you find much more freedom regarding the items you can carry. In fact, by picking the right jet for your specific needs, there is virtually no restriction on the amount of luggage you can have on board.

Not only will you not have to worry about paying fees for additional bags, but all items are stored directly in the hold or baggage compartments inside the cabin. As a result, you can benefit from much easier access to most of your belongings during the flight.

Flying privately also means you won’t have to worry about the pesky liquids rules that apply to most commercial flights.

This scenario is yet again practical when travelling with small children. Flying privately allows you to bring along all the items they need for a safe and happy journey with added convenience. The hard part will be resisting the urge to carry all those things you probably won’t be using anyway.


It’s common knowledge that food quality is not the strong point of commercial flights. Apart from the majority only catering for sandwiches, those offering complete meal services are hardly ever known for a memorable experience.

One of the best benefits of private flights is being able to pick the food you’d like to find on board. Besides well-prepared, personalised meals, most private charter flights also offer a variety of snacks and appetisers to turn your getaway into a true pleasure. The same applies to beverages, where you’ll find minimal – if any – limitations.

Furthermore, as you don’t have to arrive hours in advance at the airport, you’ll probably avoid eating at the terminal altogether. All for the best, since your favorite meals, snacks and drinks await.


If you’re an animal lover, this is one of the best benefits of flying private. Keeping your pet with you in the cabin for the whole flight duration is a privilege few people can enjoy.

Not all commercial flights accept pets, and those that do, often require an extensive process that is as impractical as time-consuming. Besides the expected paperwork regarding updated vaccines and medical history, you are still required to pay an additional fee when booking your flight.

Although smaller pets are usually allowed in the cabin of commercial flights, they must remain in their carriers for the whole duration of your trip. Larger pets travel in the aircraft’s cargo compartment, which causes them unnecessary stress.

All these concerns disappear when opting for a private flight. In addition to your pet’s well-being, they can sit close to you in the cabin during the whole flight. The result is a far more peaceful and relaxed flight for both.

We may be biased, but chartering flights is undoubtedly the best way to travel. Whether for business or a well-deserved holiday, there is no better way to plan a trip in a relaxed and carefree way.

Although business flights may feel more expensive than commercial aviation first class, the benefits outweigh any additional costs. Whether you need to accompany work colleagues or wish to fly with the entire family abroad, including your pets, very few restrictions apply to private aviation.

Contact us today to benefit from the best private aviation flights and conditions and travel in the unique manner you always dreamed of!


If you are still unsure about a few of the benefits that flying private can offer, we covered the most commonly asked questions regarding the topic. The most crucial idea to retain is that a private flight is always designed to meet your needs. Once you try it for the first time, you’ll understand why our top 10 may feel short, after all.

What is the best benefit of flying private?

With all the advantages the private flying sector offers, it is difficult for us to pick the most rewarding one. Next to the comfort and the ability to customise your journey, private flights offer simplicity and a level of privacy that is hard to match. Enjoying your journey from the first minute until you reach your destination is a guaranteed experience.

Is flying on private jets smoother than commercial flights?

Private jets fly at a higher altitude than commercial planes. Besides finding less air traffic, jets can get around bad weather conditions more easily. Also, the air is thinner at higher altitudes, reducing the risk of poor weather and turbulence. The result should, therefore, become a more relaxed and smoother flight.

Can I bring everything on a private jet?

One of the best benefits of flying private is that there are virtually no restrictions on what you can bring on board. There is no limit to the number of products you can carry on board, including liquids and no baggage allowance. Although some private planes may have reduced space or limited weight restrictions, there is a range of jet models sure to suit all your needs.

Can flying private be cheaper than commercial air travel?

In some instances, yes. Generally speaking, flying in a private jet is more expensive than a commercial one. However, you can often find promotional campaigns and offers. Depending on the number of people you share the flight with, prices can quickly become competitive – especially if you consider the added benefits of unparalleled comfort, privacy and luxury.

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