It’s Nice To Meet You. 

Amslux has pioneered the concept of Football lifestyle management. Built around the singular proposition of bestowing back upon our players the invaluable gift of time, we have spent two decades benchmarking service in lifestyle management and granting access to the inaccessible.

In an increasingly digitalised world, the personalised one-to-one contact we offer with our lifestyle managers is unrivalled: this lifeline provides a connection to the best on offer across the globe, ensuring every request, big and small, is fulfilled whilst receiving access to the very best. 

Our in-house network of experts allows for streamlined and comprehensive lifestyle & career management. Tapping into this unique ecosystem of advisors and partners, we can take care of career’s fundamental demands, wishes, and needs, offering a complete lifestyle for now into the future.

A Considered History.

Amslux was launched in Amsterdam in 2018 as a concierge service. Founded by Emmanuel Ntow and Ward Struwer, 2 individuals with a background in the Football industry, the company has now evolved into a leading global lifestyle & career management service.

Our team

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