The Magnificent Mediterranean: Where To Head To For The Perfect Autumn Break

From Mallorca to Mykonos and Croatia to Crete, the Mediterranean is full of glorious destinations to head to if you want to soak up some sun and eek out summer just a little longer. In comparison to the UK, the weather in the Med typically stays a little lovelier for just that bit longer, so for some October fun, consider this area for a luxury holiday, whether it’s just for you, a romantic getaway, friend’s trip or for the whole family.

Of course, the weather isn’t the only thing that you will be looking forward to, as many of the islands and coastal towns and cities that will grace your itinerary will offer so much more, from the freshest of seafood to the most beautiful of sights, both historical and natural, in addition to those luxury accommodations that provide you with the perfect place to rest up after long days holidaying.

If you couldn’t think of anything better than an autumn getaway in the Mediterranean region before a long, dark winter truly sets in, read on for some inspiration as we have chosen four fantastic destinations that will provide you with a trip that you’re unlikely to forget.


The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is a dreamy destination that offers a little bit of everything to its visitors across its 1,405 square mile area. Fancy a biking and trekking holiday? Your desires will be met with the variety of trails to be found. Are you more of a designer shopper, party-goer, beach dweller, foodie or history buff? Fear not, as the island truly does provide a wealth of experiences, attractions, shops, restaurants, bars, galleries, beaches and more to ensure you have the holiday you so need.

And if you’re the type who simply enjoys lounging by the pool at your luxury private villa then, with average highs of 23.7 degrees Celsius in October, you will be able to do just that.


Boasting beautiful historic locations, with delightful beachside resorts, bustling cities and mountain escapes, Croatia is a wondrous country that has proven in the last decade or so to be a real force to be reckoned with when it comes to blissful holiday destinations. Dubrovnik is a stand-out place not just for Game of Thrones lovers, but for its impressive display of its history through its walled Old Town, fortress, stronghold, baroque church and more, while capital city Zagreb is not to be missed for its fantastic selection of museums for a start.

Then there’s the coastal city of Split, which is built on Roman palace ruins, the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is made up of terraced lakes linked by waterfalls and the many bewitching beach resorts that litter the coast. When planning a trip to such a beautifully varied place, it’s wise to seek out the help of the professionals so that you can experience the best of Croatia, whether that’s having your holiday planned in detail for you or a selection of tours, trips and excursions mapped out for you to enjoy throughout your stay.


Luxurious lagoons to bathe in, ancient sights to explore, the freshest and best seafood and olive oil to dine on, lavish hotels to lounge in, and 650 miles of coastline: welcome to Crete.

The largest and most populous of the Greek Islands, Crete boasts a wonderful blend of landscapes and historic features thanks to its rich and varied past with Minoan, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman influence seen all over. The palace of Knossos is not to be missed as is Samaria Gorge, Balos Beach, Chania, Heraklion, Elafonissi Beach and so much more.


Set over just 33 square miles, the small Greek Island of Mykonos is a crowd pleaser for many reasons. Vibrant nightlife, a history steeped in Greek mythology, 300 days of sunshine, an average temperature of 23.6 degrees Celsius in October and iconic landmarks to explore are just some of the reasons to take the trip.

The summer season is certainly for partying so if you fancy a slightly slower pace of life then an October trip will be the ideal time to visit. Don’t miss out on Kalafati Beach, the Flour Mills of Mykonos, Scorpios, Super Paradise Beach Club and the nearby archaeological site of Delos.

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