Rolex predictions 2023: Rolex new releases 2023

Rolex 2023 news update, March 10

Almost three weeks before Watches and Wonders officially opens, the new Rolex watches 2023 are starting to surface. According to some photo leaks found on the Internet, reproducing the new 2023 Rolex catalogue, here are some upcoming new Rolex 2023 watches. According to such leaks, we nailed it with our Rolex predictions.

The new Rolex Daytona Gold Cerachrom 116508LN and 116505LN

The breaking news concerns the full-gold Daytona. In the mock-up below, reproducing what we have seen in pictures, is a Cerachrom ceramic bezel equipped new Daytona with a meteorite dial:

While we look forward to the official reveal, we applaud Rolex for finally adopting the Cerachrom bezel across the entire Daytona range.

Here is another sim showcasing the yellow-gold option. We believe this new layout is Rolex’s response to some fierce competitors, including Zenith, whose El Primero Sport is a direct opponent to the Daytona. What do you think?

The Rolex GMT-Master 2 126710 VTNR

Last year, the left-handed (hence with a crown on the left) Sprite model was officially unveiled, and Rolex enthusiasts asked themselves why Rolex had introduced such an odd configuration paired with the new bezel combo.

2023 welcomes an ordinary option to the current lineup. As usual, the new Rolex GMT-Master 2 reference 126710 VTNR will come on an Oyster 79200 or a Jubilee 69200 bracelet. The Sprite is much successful, and the brand is trying to get the most out of a much-appreciated collection by introducing a range extender.

The 2023 Rolex Milgauss 126400GV

We’ll get a new Milgauss, the Rolex Milgauss 126400GV. The new model has a familiar look. Looking at the case’s shape, you will notice the new design, which includes crown protectors for the first time (and slimmer lugs).

Where did we meet already? If you’re familiar with the Rolex watches 2022, the new Milgauss is very close to the current Air King 126900. The case might have, therefore, grown to 41 mm in diameter as opposed to the current 40 mm. Likely, the calibre 3235 will finally equip the new Milgauss.

Please scroll down and read our original predictions of future Rolex watches 2023, as published last February.

Our original Rolex predictions

We’re close to Watches and Wonders’ official opening, and the expectations for new timepieces are growing, especially regarding the 2023 Rolex new releases. What will Rolex unveil at the end of March?

Two thousand twenty-three marks a milestone as the brand will celebrate at least three anniversaries, and we predict Rolex will hit the spot with plenty of new watches. Get ready to celebrate the following:

  • the Rolex Submariner and Rolex Explorer’s 70th anniversary
  • 1963 – 2023: the Rolex Daytona turns 60

We’re sure we’ll see Rolex and most watch brands release those models they have postponed from 2022 to 2023. Last year, Rolex unveiled the new Air-King and several range extensions.

We won’t expect any overhaul of the Submariner or the Explorer: they’re in the early stage of their life cycle. In contrast, the current Daytona is as attractive as it is legendary, but a redesign is welcome, and an offering’s upgrade too, when comparing the Cerachrom-equipped models with their steel and gold siblings, for instance; here is where our designers reworked the Daytona, and you can see it by checking the mock-ups you see on here.

Please be informed that these are our Rolex predictions for 2023 and have nothing to do with any official Rolex new designs. We’ll soon discover if some of our predictions confirm they are among the new 2023 Rolex watches.

Rolex Submariner: our prediction of a 70th Anniversary model

The Rolex Submariner is already seventy years old; it has always been about evolution rather than revolution, and we don’t predict any massive change so far. The most accessible Rolex luxury diving watch keeps evolving at a steady pace. The current collection is so state-of-the-art that a significant redesign is nearly impossible, but a specific commemorative model is not impossible.

As often occurred with the brand’s anniversaries, a flagship model could surface and hold a place in the most luxurious part of the collection, and that model might be a gold Rolex Submariner with a green dial. Is this the most outrageous among our Rolex predictions for 2023?

What we experienced with the yellow gold and green Day Date proves a similar dial combination could pop up anytime soon. Rolex currently offers a Day-Date and a Daytona with the same colour and material scheme. Also, enthusiasts have appreciated such a combo, and a full-gold pairing, ever since it hit the market. Finally, such a timepiece would add to the full-gold proposition alongside the beautiful white gold Submariner with a blue bezel we have reviewed in the past.

Will the Rolex Daytona in steel and gold finally get a ceramic bezel?

We think Rolex is not re-engineering the Rolex Daytona; that’s just as good as it gets. Period. It is technically and aesthetically refined to such an extent that sketching something different might be dangerous for the world’s most wanted self-winding chronograph.

How is the Rolex Daytona changing in 2023? The most reasonable approach suggests that the Rolex Daytona in steel and gold will get the Cerachrom ceramic bezel inlay to mimic the rest of the collection and foster the “family feeling” that the current collection is missing as opposed to other product offerings.

Our redesign aimed at testing how the Cerachrom bezel inlay would work once applied to the Daytona Rolesor in replacement of the gold ring that we expect won’t change on full-gold Rolex Daytona watches instead. The above-pictured Daytona look and feels sportier and more contemporary than ever before; what are your thoughts?

Is the Rolex Daytona Tiffany the forbidden fruit we’re all looking for?

Icing on the cake, here is our signature celebratory model, a full white gold model sporting the most desirable Pantone of them all; a Tiffany-looking dial, something we have experienced with the brilliant Oyster Perpetual.

We won’t be surprised to see Rolex follow the likes of collab watches like the glorious Nautilus Tiffany as a mean to help the hype around the brand grow again. The outcome is attractive and in line with the glorious platinum Daytona but far more classy in its white gold livery.

The Rolex GMT Master 2 Tiger’s Eye

We love playing with colour combos as much as Rolex does with its day and night bezels, and the brand’s three-time zone wristwatch offers the perfect template for endless tests. The “Tiger’s Eye” moniker is legendary and still sits atop the most admired all-time two-tone bezels.

Rolex Pepsi’s blue and red options excluded, Rolex doesn’t usually apply the same formula to steel or gold variants, as exemplified by the Batman or Root Beer options. We, therefore, played to find an alternative to Root Beer’s black and brown bezel by sketching the closest yet contemporary thing to the beloved Tiger’s eye design.

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