Corona Virus Updates Marbella


A daily updated article to keep citizens and tourists informed during the Covid-19 outbreak

**NEWS RELEASE - 18th March 2021 - Marbella News Update

From 19th March until 9th April the restrictions in place in Andalucía have been updated as follows:

CURFEW : 11pm - 6am 

HOSPITALITY :  Restaurants and Bars can open until 10.30pm and Take Away until curfew

SHOPPING AND COMMERCE: Open until 10.30pm

TRAVEL : For Marbella residents movement is allowed within the entire Malaga Province but we are not allowed to venture to nearby Cadiz (eg. Tarifa) , or Granada, Sevilla etc.  If you are visiting Marbella as a tourist from a country within the EU then these restrictions do not apply...

SOCIAL GATHERINGS : Up to 6 persons can meet, still only 4 persons inside restaurants though.

SCHOOLS : All remain open as normal, Universities remain online

Check out the areas, levels and details of the specific restrictions on this handy map

Local restaurants, bars, shops and activities can all be found here on My Guide Marbella so reach out to them from the page for more information and to make any bookings in advance.

To enquire about this please contact Amslux here.